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Relocating to another country is not only a big decision, but it can also be tricky.

Thus, we do our best to provide you with an easy and convenient relocation package.

Amazing relocation package

Airplane Tickets

for the employee and family members.


from the airport and to the Limassol.

Hotel or apartments

for free until we find you a suitable long-term house to rent.

Your new home

We assist you throughout all the steps to find and sign the contract for your new home. 


Reimbursement of visa and other expenses for the preparation and execution of documents.

EU work visa

Registration of a work visa and employment under the laws of Cyprus and the EU. 
Registration of visas for dependent family members. 

Health care

High-level health insurance.

Financial support 

program for your needs. Easy to buy new car or rent your first house.

Lunches from anywhere

Corporate lunches 

from the best 

Cyprus restaurants 

Many more 

extras for best live of you and your family!


Office Manager

Sveta will provide you with all the documents that you need to fill and she will guide you through on how to get everything right.


Head of HR / Recruiting

Dasha will explain to you how our company works and will give detailed information in regards to our projects/teams.

She will also go through our

current employees' lifestyle in Cyprus.



Milya will guide you personally on everything you need to know about Cyprus. She also runs our company's blog Ortnec youtube and personal helpful Milya's Blog where you can find out a valid information about life in Cyprus.

A professional relocation team

Since 2013, our company has been growing rapidly. We became experts on relocating employees, no matter the country.

6+ years

6th year of relocating our employees

160 + people

This is the figure for our relocated employees since 2013. 

7 + countries

We have an international team.

Our company knows no borders.

Still not sure? Learn more about Cyprus

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