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Your career in Cyprus starts now!

Our team has over 15 years of expertise in web development, commercial design, affiliate, and online marketing. 

How we work here?

We don't micromanage! We trust you as a professional. This means that within your zone of responsibility, you can make all the decisions independently. And we rely on you to be responsible for them.

You always know what growth opportunities there are for you. You can always discuss it with your manager and get a feedback, as well as any other questions.

Every month we organize an Ortnec Information & Communication event, "Ortic". As part of these meetings, we share new knowledge, approaches, technologies, and impressions of the books we read.

There's no dress code, you have a freedom of what you wear.

There is always someone you can ask for advice or assistance.

There is an opportunity to work on different projects. Feel free not to get bored!


Our Technologies and Processes:

  • We use PHP for most of our products, and we do an outstanding job. 

  • We use GIT and Atlassian bitbucket server to manage the processes. 

  • We work in Jira and Trello for task managing & tracking. 

  • For tests, auto builders and deployment - Atlassian Bamboo and Jenkins. 

  • Confluence, BambooHR and Slack help us to keep our communication organised. 

We care about our team

How to join us?


First contact

Send a resume for one of the open vacancies. If there are no relevant open positions, contact us via


Test assignment

Depending on the role, you'll be given a small test assignment for the initial verification of the basic knowledge and approaches. 


HR interview

This is an interview where we assess your behavioural qualities, an informal chat where we get to know you a bit more. During this chat, we'll better understand how you match the team and the company. You will learn more about the company and its processes, get answers to your questions, and better understand your next steps.


Interview with managers

You will be interviewed by the Project Manager and learn more about process flow in your team.


Offer with a description of the terms of cooperation

After receiving feedback from all participants of the interviews and checking recommendations, HR manager will send you the detailed offer.

Join the team

Contact Us

We are here for questions or consulting

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