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Full-service marketing and design firm

We are specializing in taking brands from the initial conception into a fully up-and-running success story.

Barcelona Monument

The Centro Marketing agency specializes in creating, implementing, and sustaining leading marketing strategies.

Creative Office

We love bringing innovation to every project we touch through our holistic approach.

We stay connected to the needs, hopes, and expectations of our clients to help them achieve full professional growth.

The BCN office, located in the centre of the city, is the perfect space for the creative, progressive minds of the Centro team to join forces & work towards the evolution of their current projects.

House for everybody

Barcelona office houses a creative team of marketing & design specialists from all around the world - the perfect setup to promote diverse, innovative thinking.

Office Portrait

As Barcelona is known as a melting pot of cultures and communal contributions, the office space is modelled to reflect just this - all teammates position themselves around a communal table and are working collaboratively in a flow of shared creativity.

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